Online Engineering Schools

“Engineering” is one of those broad terms that encompass a wide-range of specific specializations. These include credentials in aerospace, agricultural, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, environmental, fire protection, gas, industrial, information, manufacturing, mechanical, software, and systems engineering among others. But what do engineers do? They apply theories and principles of science and mathematics to arrive at practical and economical solutions to given problems within their field of concentration.

A software engineer will use programming and organizational principles to create software packages that perform key functions or arrive at new ways to manipulate data to extract information and perform analyses. An agricultural engineer, on the other hand, may employ principles of crop and land management to raise production or to overcome drought conditions. Engineers can be found supervising factories for quality control and productivity or in national parks working out policies of forest management and flood control. Anywhere where there are problems, there are engineers.

Increasingly various colleges and universities are making engineering degrees available at the bachelor’s, masters, and doctoral level. The aspects of these degrees that involve learning the necessary underlying theories and principles are well-suited to online delivery and students report an increased amount of interaction with their professors through email, chat, discussion groups, and other venues of computer based delivery – perhaps even greater than that enjoyed by their counterparts at physical institutions.

While core principles can be learned via online distance education avenues, almost all engineering degrees to involve the completion of working projects as well as internships. In evaluating which online program is right for you, be sure you fully understand what “in residence” components are involved. In some cases, these portions of the degree can be completed in intensive short courses in the summer.

In an effort to help you make your own decision about online engineering schools, we have taken the liberty of providing additional information via the links on this page. Seeking a primary or secondary degree is a key career move and one that should be undertaken based on full-research and with complete confidence that the institution chosen will deliver a high-quality educational experience resulting in a useful and profitable degree.