Online Medical Schools

When people hear the phrase “online medical school” their immediate response is that medical skills cannot be learned in anything but a hands-on environment. You don’t want your appendix removed by someone who learned how to do it with a computer simulation! To a very large extend, that skeptical response is more than valid and is frankly, accurate. Medical degrees being earned online are certainly not in thoracic surgery or neurology.

Online medical education concentrates on foundation courses in degrees that can either be self-supporting careers or serve as stepping stones to a further credential in the future. For instance there are a number of outstanding programs for Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Physical Therapists. Additionally, there are specialized business courses in areas like hospital administration or counseling.

In any practicing medical degree such as nursing or therapy, online programs will require that some courses and internships be carried out in a physical teaching facility. Prospective students will need to fully understand the combination of online and “in real life” components before they begin a program. The beauty of this arrangement, however, is that by offering as many courses as possible via the online “classroom”, a vital degree of flexibility is injected into the overall course of study.

Many times the students drawn to online course work are those who by necessity must work full-time to support themselves or their families. A combination of online and physical study allows these people to make progress in their degree program and to more effectively balance their educational needs with their life needs.

It is quite common for individuals with a nursing or physical therapy credential to later return to school to achieve a full blown medical doctorate. The primary degree serves as an entree into the medical profession and allows them to increase their earning potential and thus finance further study.

We have gathered together additional materials on the potential of online study in a variety of medical and health-care related fields. That information may be accessed with the links provided and we hope it will be of use to you. No one should be shut out of their career dreams due to real-life responsibilities. Online education is now opening doors that have long been shut for life-long learners who do not want to give up their dreams and goals but who also have to raise their families and pay their bills.