Online Nursing Schools

In seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing online, individuals are looking for programs that are recognized and accredited by the Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education. A curriculum designed to educate a skillful registered nurse will build on a foundation of biological, physical, and social sciences but will also include the commensurate liberal arts components necessary to foster the human elements of the profession.

Above all nurses work with people. The greater a nurse’s intellectual, social, and cultural skills, the more he or she will be able to communicate with a variety of patients from all backgrounds, socio-economic levels, and ethnicities. Nurses perform numerous functions in the health care system from care giving and teaching to case management. Theirs is a hands-on role predicated on dealing with people.
A typical nursing program will require approximately 120 hours of course credit of which perhaps 40 will be in the nursing major. Such programs seek to create nurses who can work in the areas of medical, surgical, pediatric, obstetrical, and mental health practice. Courses might include a basic introductory survey, a course in the theoretical foundations of the profession, an examination of clinical integration, and an evaluation of contemporary issues and health policies.

As with any hands-on field, students can expect to be required to perform some aspects of the degree program in physical institutions. While many of the courses lend themselves to online presentation, some can only be performed in the presence of given equipment and via an exchange with other human buildings.

Still, however, offering even a portion of a degree program online allows working adults who are seeking a second (or in many cases their first) degree to integrate the process into the overall framework of their life responsibilities. Juggling an existing job and seeking a degree simultaneously is difficult and online course offerings can go a long way toward facilitating the process.Below we have provided links to additional online sources relevant to seeking a nursing degree through electronic distance education. We hope this information will assist you in your evaluation of the field and will also be useful in your consideration of the potential of Internet-based course offerings. Distance education online is opening exciting fields to people who otherwise would be unable to take courses and work toward a degree. You may be one of them!